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KVT GmbH Kirchzarten KVT GmbH Kirchzarten KVT GmbH Kirchzarten

Products of KVT GmbH

Valves and Fittings

KVT pinch valves

KVT Quetschventile aus nichtrostendem Stahl

Pneumatic pinch valves are the ideal valves for solid (bulk material, powder), liquid, gaseous and pasty media and media mixtures.

KVT pinch valves are characterized by reliability, ease of maintenance (the pinch sleeve of the valve can be cbhanged easily) and durability.

Products for Wineries



With our high-quality wine presses / fruit presses with central located press membrane we offer optimal conditions for the production of high quality wine or fruit juice.

Easy handling in use and cleaning, gentle treatment of the mash and a brief press time are the ideal basis for the maturation of your wines.



The small and comfortable compact press for wine and fruits.







KVT Fermentation vat for red-wine mashFermentation tank

Our fermentation tanks for red wine made of stainless steel are ideal for high quality grapes.

Optimal, hygienic and taste neutral maceration even for small lots of red wine in a high-quality stainless steel fermentation vat.

Other KVT Products

Foot rest equipment for motorcycles

With our motorcycle footrests equipment, in particular for "Young Timer" motorcycles, we offer an interesting alternative to existing footrests equipment.

Contract manufacturing / machining of stainless steel parts:

  • sawing machine

  • lathe

  • flat grinding machine

  • TIG welding

Flyer KVT product range

Flyer "KVT product range"


As a small and flexible company we can also fulfill your wishes.

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