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IFAT 2018 in Munich

14.05.2018 - 18.05.2018

You find us in Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen Fensterhall C2, Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen Fensterbooth 527 (close to gate 6 from hall C2 to hall C3).

Product range pinch valves!

More pinch valves for aseptic use!

With the pinch valves QV-650 to QV-675 there are now for all aseptic / hygienic connectors acc. DIN 11851 / DIN 11864, parts 1 to 3 with ferrules acc. rows "A", "B" or "C" available.

Hydraulic gates for BEIRA, Mosambik

KVT delivered 2 hydraulic gates for the Chiveve River Project in Mozambique. More Informations ...

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Position Indicator (visual)

KVT Quetschventil mit optischem StellungsanzeigerThe closed position of pinch valves can be controlled by pressure switches but now also with a position indicator showing the result visually.

The photo shows a KVT pinch valve QV-635 with solenoid and visual position indicator when the pinch valve is pressurised. The pinch valve is closed.

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KVT GmbH Lindenbergstrasse 5 in 79199 Kirchzarten

Production and storage area have been expanded

We have been busy in the last years. A lot of new machines and a lot of new products has made it inevitable to expand our production and storage area.

Therefore we are very pleased to that since 01st of July our storage area could be expanded about 350 m².

KVT pinch valves with ISO-K-Flanges acc. DIN 28403 and ISO 2861




 for vacuum lines.








Pinch valve DN 400 and DN 600 in stainless steel from KVT

KVT GmbH, Kirchzarten has produced their first pinch valves DN 400 and DN 600 for a sewage line in an industrial area.

The pinch valves are used to close the sewage line in case of an emergency, e.g. fire, accident, ... 

KVT pinch valves have been used because of their advantage with "dirty" medium with a lot of solids, like sand, stones, ....

KVT pinch valves in a waterwork in Hergershausen, Zweckverband Gruppenwasserwerk Dieburg

10 years ago KVT pinch valves have been used for the rehabilitation of the "Wasserwerk Hergershausen". The KVT pinch valves are used for backwasching of the filters in the water works, see film of the rehabilitation of the "Wasserwerk Hergershausen (see the beginning of section 3 "3. Bauabschnitt").

KVT pinch valve with pipe ends in electroconductive PE

For a special application a customer was looking for a valve suitable for hydrochloric acid.


Manual control of a pinch valve


KVT pinch valve QV-600 in stainless steel with clamp acc. DIN 32676 and pressure reducing valve for manual control.

KVT pinch valves in Duplex stainless steel 1.4462

for an application in mining industry (tungsten).

With a control unit S-8000 for regulating the flow of a medium by two 2/2 solenoid valves.

Have a look at "Mining Weekly": "Pinch valves can control almost any medium".


Technical informations about threads acc. DIN EN ISO 228-1 and DIN EN 10226-1 (german)

Technical informations about threads acc. DIN 11851 (german)


KVT pinch valve with electrical heater band


for product lines which have to be heated to keep the medium flowing.

Cooperation between

KVT GmbH, Kirchzarten
TVD in China and Hongkong

KVT GmbH, Kirchzarten and the companies TVD Hongkong and TVD (Shanghai) Co., Ltd are happy to announce an agreement of cooperation for the chinese market.

TVD represents KVT GmbH in in the valve market of China and Hongkong. KVT pinch valves are an ideal addition of the TVD produkt range with butterfly valves, resilient gate valves, plunger valves, paddle valves, check valves, ...).


KVT pinch valves with ASME-flanges

ASME B 16.5 150 lbs / ASME B 16.5 300 lbs / ASME B 16.5 600 lbs

In stainless steel from 1/2" to 12".


KVT pinch valve made of plastic with pipe ends in POM acc. FDA

E.g. as shut-off valve for flour silo installations in bakeries.


MAXI-COMPACT-wine press:

New article in the wine journal "das deutsche Weinmagazin" about the KVT MAXI-COMPACT-press ("MAXI-COMPACT mit Spritzschutz").



KVT pinch valve with grooved pipe ends

manuelly operated by ball valve.





KVT-pinch valve with screwed pipe connections DIN 11851


Customer specific pinch valve for a filling machine.




Combination of 2 KVT pinch valves in POM for

volumetric dosing of hygroscopic powder into water.





We are able to deliver KVT pinch valves in plastic (POM) (KVT art. No. 240) 

with female threads from

DN 6  / G 1/8"


DN 80 / G 3".









Pinch valve DN 6 in stainless steel

e.g. for proportioning of lime water, powder, ...



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